Your Drawing Cabinet in the Cloud

Dwgfinder is currently in beta as we improve and get it working perfectly. Feel free to register and upload your drawings and any comments or requests are welcome: Click here to register feedback.

Dwgfinder is a way to organise your CAD drawings in the cloud

Once you have uploaded your .dwg or .dxf CAD files onto the site you can sort them according to text contained in the file, ideally as part of a drawing sheet block or, if you don’t use blocks with drawing sheet attributes, simply as plain text.

A single Drawing can have multiple Paperspace elements which may represent an aspect of the object being drawn in Modelspace, perhaps a detail or a sectional view which may be contained in the same drawing file and these can all be viewed as part of the drawing identification.

Dwgfinder is currently at beta and is to be used at your own risk. All drawings and documents uploaded are the property of the uploader and the owners of the website undertake that they will not be used or revealed to third parties.

Our proposed pricing is as follows: